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The law office of Edward S. Rueda concentrates in Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation law.  If you are injured while you are working “on the job” it is likely you have a worker’s compensation claim.  If you are injured due to some other person’s negligence or irresponsibility you likely have a personal injury claim.  There is a big difference between the two, and the law office of Edward S. Rueda is experienced at handling both  types.

ILLINOIS WORKERS COMPENSATION CASES Workers compensation laws make it easier to collect money for the injuries you have suffered on the job but it also limits how much you can collect.    WARNING:   New workers compensation laws restrict and limit your rights to receive medical treatment from the doctor of your choice.  In most cases if you do not know your rights you may be forced to see the company physician or even lose the right to seek medical treatment at all.  Consult the Law office of Edward S. Rueda if you have any questions about your injury.

STEPS TO TAKE AFTER YOU SUFFER AN INJURY AT WORK   Get medical attention as soon as possible.  Report your injury to your supervisor.  Know your rights; call a qualified experienced attorney to answer any questions.   

 ILLINOIS PERSONAL INJURY CASES Personal injury law covers just about any injury you may have suffered resulting from another’s negligent, recklessness or intentional behavior.  This includes slip and fall, construction injuries, car accidents, firefighter or police accidents, medical malpractice cases and many many other situations.  The law Office of Edward S. Rueda is experienced in all areas of Illinois personal injury law.  We will be more than happy to talk to you about your case.  

WARNING Be aware of your rights!  Do not talk to intrusive insurance adjusters who ask you to settle the case.  You should know that insurance companies are in the business of paying the least amount to claimants.  Most of the time they will offer you a settlement amount far below the true value of the case: just pennies on the dollar.  Before you sign anything, talk to us, we will be sure to secure your rights and get you the true value of your case.